Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a Comedian?

Your in the right place.  Please visit the Contact-us section and send us a message or give us a call.  Its very simple process and we will make sure to try and meet all your needs.


How far in advance do I book a Comedian?

It doesn't matter usually, we will always try and accommodate you.  All though the best comedians book up the fastest, so once you are sure of an event I would try and book a comedian right away so we can get you the best available.


Why book with Jupiter Comedy?

Because Jupiter Comedy was started by comedians who have  performed at every type of show or event.  We also know our comedians very well compared to other agencies and will be able to provide the perfect comedian for your event.


Will I need Sound/Stage/Lighting?

Yes, these are all important, you are booking a talented individual you will definitely want to hear and see them.  We always recommend having two microphones if the first one falters.  We always recommend a microphone with a cord, but if you only have a cordless one, please make sure it has a fresh battery in it.  Microphones of a lectern do not work well for comedians.  Lighting and a stage are very important too, the show is so much better when you can see the comedian properly.  All these things can be rented for pretty cheap, and we will help you along the way.


Can I get a clean comedian?

Yes, we will always make sure we fit the right comedian for your event.  If there are any restrictions on topics please let us know before hand, as comedians generally don't like finding out right before they walk out on stage.


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